Korean Makeup Class & Hiking Gwanaksan (관악산)

I attended a Korean makeup class last Thursday at the Seoul Global Center. Jennyhouse, a famous Korean makeup and hair salon, brought a bunch of its makeup artists and hair stylists to give us a demonstration. Apparently many of Seoul’s elite turn to Jennyhouse to do their makeup. Many famous musicians and Korean drama stars use Jennyhouse, most notably (for me) Park Shin-Hye. She played the love interest of Lee Min Ho’s character (swooooooon) in the drama “Heirs.” The whole time I was having my makeup done, I couldn’t help hoping that maybe, just maybe, the makeup artist was using the very same makeup that she used on Park Shin-Hye, and that maybe I was somehow using something that touched Lee Min Ho. *Yeah, I’m crazy, I know!* Anyway, the makeup class was fun- I had my eyes done (the makeup artist was probably scratching her head, thinking “How do I apply eye shadow on these mono-eyelids?”), as well as my eyebrows, and lips. The makeup artists tried to emulate Park Shin-Hye’s subtle makeup. I sent Alex a selfie (which I will not post here because it was NOT flattering at all) and he said, “What’s the difference? Are your lips shiny?” 🙂

Near the top of Gwanaksan

Near the top of Gwanaksan

Last Saturday, Alex and I woke up bright and early (7 AM on a Saturday!) to go for a hike. We chose Gwanaksan, near Seoul National University, because many of our friends recommended it. We arrived at Seoul National University station (we JUST learned that there are two Seoul National University stops on the 2 Line!) around 9 AM. As soon as we exited the station, we saw a long queue for a bus that drops you off at the start of the trail. Alex said it was a “short” walk to the trailhead, but we proceeded to walk (mostly uphill) for ONE hour! We did get to see some of the Seoul National University campus, particularly the Engineering building… not going to lie, we got kind of excited when we saw it. When we finally arrived at the hiking trail, we were already sweaty and hot! There were colorful lanterns designating the trail, making it pretty easy to follow. The hike up was not super difficult (mostly rock steps and boulders), but it was rugged and definitely harder than the hike we did at Cheongyesan the previous weekend.

View from one of the peaks

View from one of the peaks

When we arrived at one of the peaks, we had a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains. We could see a radar tower and beautiful red temple at the summit of Gwanaksan, but we didn’t have time to walk along the mountain ridge to the summit (we’re definitely coming back to do that!). We decided to hike down a different path, to Gwacheon station. On the way down, we passed a couple temples, one of them quite large- with monks chanting inside. People were burning incense, making offerings, and praying. Gwanaksan was very scenic and we can’t wait to go back and hike to the peak!



One of the many temples

One of the many temples

Last week I also completed my first Minhwa painting of a flower. I only had 3/4 cup of coffee but my hands still weren’t as steady as I would have liked!

First Completed Minhwa Painting

First Completed Minhwa Painting


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4 responses to “Korean Makeup Class & Hiking Gwanaksan (관악산)”

  1. Fred M. says :

    Excellent effort … the flower painting turned out real we’ll. what materials were used and on what type of surface?

    • OliviaM says :

      It’s a cross between ink and water color I think. The paper is very thin and has a smooth side and a rough side. You paint on the smooth side. Stay tuned for my second painting of some birds and lotus blossoms 🙂

  2. wmontgo953@aol.com says :

    Love the stories and fabulous photography. Beats any e-magazine! Cannot wait for the next episode. Be safe.

    Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

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