About Olivia & Alex

Best moment ever

Best moment ever!

[Spring 2017]
After spending almost four years in Seoul, South Korea, Alex and Olivia (and Noodles the cat and Baby M) are back in the U.S.! For the second time in their lives, Alex convinced Olivia to move to a new city, sight unseen! So, here we are, in Boise, Idaho (“mountain west,” as Alex likes to call it).

[Fall 2013]
Olivia and Alex are currently living in Seoul, South Korea. Olivia enjoys writing, baking, crafts, Zumba, and K-dramas (Korean dramas). Alex enjoys being a tech nerd and listening to obscure (and non-obscure) 80’s music. They share a love of eating, traveling, and mammals (especially bears).

This blog is dedicated to their families and friends, whom they miss dearly.


One response to “About Olivia & Alex”

  1. Theresa says :

    Hi, Montgomery
    I’m a staff of Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival that you visited and enjoyed it.
    I read your posting and appreciate it.
    We have a plan of foreign bloggers for next Jan.2015.
    For further connection, will you let me know your e-mail address
    by emailing me, hnasa@naver.com?
    Thank you again and bye.

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