Valentine’s Day Chocolates


My box of chocolates (I mean, the one I gave Alex…)

Happy Valentine’s Day (발렌타인 데이)! As I’ve stated in past years, Valentine’s Day in Korea is the first of a three holiday “series.” There’s Valentine’s Day — when women give chocolates to men, White Day (March 14, or, separately, Pi Day) — when guys give chocolates to ladies, and Black Day (April 14) — when all the singles get together and eat as much jajangmyeon 자장면 (noodles with a thick bean paste sauce) or other “black colored” foods as they want.

Last week I joined Yeoksam Global Village Center’s chocolate making activity. (It looked much cooler than it actually was… we thought we were going to make actual chocolates. With molds. But, that wasn’t the case…) We went to a place called Cake I Made, near Konkuk University. Located on the second floor of an old building, Cake I Made is a cake/cookie/chocolate decorating cafe. You can pick out what you want to decorate, and all of the decorations (ranging from ready-made fondant flowers to sugar letters). You pay, and then sit down at a table to decorate. It’s an interesting concept for Koreans, since most kitchens don’t come equipped with an oven, or like ours, come with a tiny microwave/convection oven (or, as I like to call it, my “Easy Bake” oven).


Our decorations — note the Kakaotalk emoticon at the top


Everyone’s chocolates, together

Anyway, at Cake I Made, we were given piping bags of liquid chocolate (at least it was dark) and a tray of decorations (candy hearts, sprinkles, and of course, a Kakaotalk emoticon-shaped candy). [Kakaotalk is THE messaging app used in Korea. And what messaging app — especially Asian — doesn’t come with cute/weird emoticons?!] The ladies at my table (mostly from Singapore — they were such a hoot!!) and I filled our trays with the liquid chocolate and poured on some sprinkles and candy hearts. By the time the Cake I Made assistant came by, asking if we wanted tweezers to aid with decorating, we were done!


Examples of decorated cookies pinned to the wall. Decorations (for sale) in baskets.


Other decorations for purchase

A young Korean couple sat at the table behind me. The guy and girl were very intently decorating some cookies, complete with (what I assume were) their initials. It was really cute. I guess it’s a good place to go on a date!

Hope you all get to eat some chocolate today! Alex and I are almost done with the box of chocolates I brought home. 😀

{ Cake I Made }

| Location |

Konkuk University subway station (lines 2 and 7) . Exit 2, turn left at the major street, walk for ~ 5 minutes. You’ll see this sign on your left. Take the stairs up to the second floor.



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