Salon du Chocolat at the COEX


Chocolate dogs, anyone?

When my friend Amelie mentioned that there was an “chocolate expo” at the COEX center in Seoul, my tummy told me I had to go. I’ve been to several baby fairs, as well as a coffee expo, at the COEX, but this Salon du Chocolat was a first for me. I pre-registered online (usually pre-registration at these events means free entry, and registration at the event costs a nominal fee), and went by myself (we finally found a reliable babysitter that Baby M likes) — oh sweet freedom!


Shoes made of chocolate — available for purchase (~ 30,000 KRW)

I should have known right away that it was a small(er) event, because it was located in exhibition hall D (it took me a while to even find it). Since it was the first day that the expo was open to the public, a lot of the larger displays were still missing (fancy dresses made of chocolate, etc.). I saw shoes made of chocolate, and lots of animals made entirely of chocolate (dogs, for some reason, are really popular). There were a lot of “fair trade” booths, selling coffee beans in addition to chocolate. There were also cooking demonstrations and some sort of chocolate game show…


All kinds of fancy chocolate, desserts, and cakes

Because chocolate is expensive (especially in Seoul), free samples were, understandably, scarce. But, I was still pretty bummed that all I got was a sample of dark hot chocolate (delicious!), chocolate covered peanuts, and 30 minutes of delectable-smelling air. I didn’t end up buying anything because we loaded up on chocolate while in the U.S. over the holidays… (And I made a new year’s resolution to go on a diet… but, that hasn’t worked out too well.)

If you’re interested in experiencing the Salon du Chocolat, it runs until Sunday, January 15th, 2017.

{ Salon du Chocolat }

Pre-register online:

Exhibition Hall D, Coex, Seoul (Hall D is on the THIRD floor)
Samseung subway station, follow signs to COEX


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