Seoul Express Bus Terminal’s Christmas (Decoration) Market

If you’re looking for an artificial Christmas tree and any ornaments/lights/decorations, the Christmas (decoration) market (not to be confused with a European style Christmas Market) at Seoul’s Express Bus Terminal is THE place to shop. Located on the third floor of the Express Bus Terminal building (the one that, in my opinion, kind of looks like a cruise ship), this market has rows and rows of stalls selling anything and everything Christmas-related. I first went two years ago, and went again last Monday with the American Women’s Club.


Tons of Christmas decorations at the market

Get ready for Christmas sensory overload! Scented candles, flashing strings of Christmas lights, and ornaments of every color/shape/size/material will accost your senses. But, since Christmas is still very much a Western holiday, it’s the only place to get everything you need for your Christmas decoration needs. If you’re feeling lazy, they even sell pre-decorated artificial trees (lights included) of assorted sizes!

I paid for everything I purchased in cash, but my friend used her card — but was charged a 10% transaction fee… So, I recommend having a wad of crisp Korean won, unless you plan on buying bigger items.


So many choices!

Luckily, Baby M took a nap in the Ergo while I was shopping. The stalls are small, and I was worried she would try to grab at everything! I did have to be careful to not knock anything over since I had her on the front and her diaper bag on my back. In fact, when I was asking for direction to the Christmas market, some people told me they didn’t think I could bring a baby… I would advise against letting young kids run around. And I don’t think a stroller would fit through some of the aisles.

There are a TON of restaurants/cafes in the Express Bus Terminal building, as well as in the adjacent subway station.

{ Express Bus Terminal, Seoul }

194 Sinbanpo-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul 서울특별시 서초구 신반포로 194

Christmas market located on the third floor.

Express Bus Terminal (Seoul Subway Lines 3, 7, 9), Exits 1 or 2.



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