Your Monthly Konglish: 7/2016

1). I don’t know of any other country that is so obsessed with spam! Introducing… spam singles! “Just rip and tear your way to SPAM Taste!”

2). These don’t look like “style” panties to me… Also, note the brand: “Suggest by TRY”image

3). I’m pretty sure this should have said, “mid summer sale” — not sure what “sommar” is…image

4). “Chew & Real” sweet potato snacksimage

5). Forget “a diamond is a girl’s best friend.” Korea brings you: “Diamond for your Love Princess.” image

6). “Snow White Loves Animal” — this is a super weird poster from Children’s Grand Park Seoul. What’s with the “real” pictures along with the two types of cartoon images (color pencil’ed Evil Queen & computer graphic seal)? Also, pretty sure the Snow White characters aren’t licensed from Disney… And, they did not have cats (false advertising!!)image

7). “Fun it”!!! No idea what this booth in the mall is for…image

8). These are paper envelopes. There is a “date of manufacture” sticker on each pack of them. I didn’t know that envelopes expired… image

9). Does a plastic container ever make you “desire a flower blooming in the kitchen?” image

10). And saving the best for last! We walked by this new restaurant — they were finishing wiring up the sign, which reads: “juice food tastes good because it contains a lot of liquid.” WHAT?! Our friend said, “That’s like saying, ‘Rain gets you wet because it is water.’” First of all, they mean “juicy food”… I guess. Second of all, what? This is a chicken restaurant. I guess they are trying to say their chicken is moist. But, seriously? That’s a lot of words, for “juicy chicken.” Who thought this sounded like real English??image


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