Your Monthly Konglish: 5/2016

Konglish, hats edition.

1). Not even sure what to say. Or what this means. image

2). Bling = Love? Actually, can’t help reading the “you gave me a love” in an Italian accent… image

3). Huh? Boy, you’re a winner? Someone who wins boys?image

4). What does Texas have to do with “so good tonight is the night”?image

5). “Everybody love somebody”. And what does this have to do with “FAMOUS”?image

AND now we get into “ajumma hats.” These are what Korean aunties wear. Yes, they are visors.

6). “Noblesse sportive” visor. Playful or sporty nobility? But the fine print is hilarious. There are a whole lot of words.

“As we are in the season of Spring and Summer 2014, we are delighted to introduce the stories and products of these fine 15 Korean fashion designer brands to our readers and subscribers. While we were searching for and collecting the brands. Anyway the followings are summaries of each brand for this ‘ 15 promising Korean fashion designer brands of 2014 Spring/Summer’ , so you can read the full stories by clicking the links specified in each brand summary. If you like this, please cheer us by clicking on ‘LIKE’ or ‘SHARE’ to any of your social media or online channel you have. Then we will keep finding out many different kinds of ‘Promising Korean fashion’ series based on various themes or – See more at:…”image

7). “Topchoice. Ultraviolet Block Effect of hat.” And stylish too. image


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