Your Monthly Konglish: 3/2016

1). Apples…


Maybe work on the wording… strange looking but sweet tasting apples? (And actually, they looked like… apples)

2). Men’s facial products


Not sure if they were going for the plural of “man” but then decided to add in the possessive apostrophe?

3). Not sure what an emotional wine bar is?


Is the wine bar emotional (and what does that mean?) or do you go to the wine bar if you’re feeling emotional?

4). This happens a lot in Asia, where the adjective goes in the wrong spot…


Big wine sale, or wine: big sale

5). “The Powerful combination of full fruity flavor and casy drinking style”- I knew right away it wasn’t a foreign wine. And I was right- the label on the back was only in Korean (domestic). To be fair, “c” and “e” do look very similar.


Korean wine pretending to be French

6). The most ubiquitous phrase on Korean posters: “Grand Open.” Alex says if they actually wrote “grand opening,” no one would understand.


Grand open(ing)

7). Not sure what “malling in culture” means?


Lotte World Mall’s slogan is “Malling in Culture”

8). “Tollet” paper. To be fair, “i” and “l” do look very similar.


“Tollet” toilet paper





2 responses to “Your Monthly Konglish: 3/2016”

  1. Harmonie says :

    Listening to “Purple Rain” gives me all kinds of emotions, so I totally get the “emotional wine bar.”

    Also the first ingredient listed on the wine bottle is wine. Can you really say that the wine is made of wine? As if a twinkie box label stated its ingredients are twinkies?

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