Your Monthly Konglish: 2/2016

One thing to understand about Korean snacks: lots of things that should not be sweet (or even a bit sweet) ARE. Garlic bread? Yes, please. Sweet garlic bread? No, thank you. I’ve had what would have been a perfectly delicious burger ruined by honey sauce. Um… WHY?!

It seems like everywhere I look, I see a sweet/cheese flavor. See examples below.

1). Sweet cheese flavored chips… not really sweet or cheesy. Can’t quite pinpoint the flavor. Kind of tasted like sweet cream biscuits…img_6062

2). Haven’t tried this one, but saw it at our HomePlus grocery store. Not sure what “snow cheese” is.

3). I’m not brave enough to try this flavor either, and not just because I don’t like mayo.  

4). This is a Korean beer that is pretending to sound German, with a name like “Kloud.” Except it advertises itself as “100% malt real beer” – too many adjectives? 

5). Saw this at a baby fair. Not sure what “cuby” is, but I’m pretty sure “vely” is intended to be “very.” But since “l” and “r” are interchangeable in the Korean alphabet, probably nobody noticed the difference. 

6). “make a fun!”

7). Ball stick candy are lollipops. Actually the name really does make sense. It IS a very accurate description! 

8). This one is my favorite. The brand is called “Single’s Pride.” There definitely is a stigma to being single and eating alone. And this brand is telling you to be proud and not ashamed of heating up this single-sized portion and eating alone. What you probably should be ashamed about is eating so much Spam. 🙂 

9). Saw this at the Jamsil Lotte aquarium. Actually I just looked it up, and “schooling fish” is a term. I thought they meant “school of fish” and hence “schooling” of “fish” was funny – because the fish are being trained to do something. But, I guess the joke is on me this time! 😉img_6247


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