Eating Our Way through Hong Kong

Alex, Baby M, and I spent a week in Hong Kong over the Lunar New Year, and our goal was to eat as much good food as possible. And, we were not disappointed πŸ™‚ In fact, we finished eating most of the food before I was able to take any pictures 😦


Taiwanese beef noodles, with a side of potstickers (and wontons and dumplings and bubble tea, all not pictured) in Tseun Wan


Breakfast for lunch at Habitat, a furniture store that also has a cafe


View from Habitat wasn’t bad either πŸ˜‰


Afternoon tea at Cafe Gray Deluxe, the Upper House, with a magnificent view of Hong Kong


Baby M wanted to try the parfait…


View from Cafe Gray Deluxe was incredible!


Apple turnover from grocery store, & our favorite latte from Pacific Coffee


Along with pork bun & egg custard tarts


We ate breakfast while watching (older) ladies dancing to Chinese songs


Largest soup dumpling ever, at Michelin-recommended restaurant in Tseun Wan


Verdict? Not very good – mostly tasteless soup and the skin was too thick. Novelty but would never order again


Baby M was more interested in her chew toy


The time when we ordered so much dim sum we couldn’t finish…Β 


More Taiwanese beef noodles – this time with homemade noodles at a little restaurant in Ma Wan


Some other things we tried but didn’t get a picture of:

  • McDonald’s sweet potato soft serve (tasted just like sweet potato, very creamy and good)
  • McDonald’s salted caramel latte (pretty good, although could have done with more salt and less sugar)
  • Sushi (melt-in-your-mouth salmon… so much better than the rubbery stuff you get in Seoul!)
  • Delicious hot pot in Shen Zhen
  • Lots of bubble tea

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2 responses to “Eating Our Way through Hong Kong”

  1. Harmonie says :

    All of the food looks soooo good. It looks like Baby M was really well-behaved — I hope the flights went well for you all.

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