Kansas City for Freddy & Mandy’s Wedding

Fred, Freddy, Mandy, and Marcia

Fred & Marcia with the happy couple

Bride & groom about to cut the cake

Bride & groom about to cut the cake

Before the holidays, Alex and I traveled to Kansas City to attend his brother Freddy’s wedding. My new sister-in-law, Mandy, is really into numbers, so their wedding was held on December 13, 2014, at 3:16 PM (15:16, military time). Not sure if they were aware, but 12/13/14 was the last sequential date (for the U.S. anyway) until January 2, 2103 (1/2/03). (For people in Asia and Europe, where the day is written before the month, December 11, 2013 was the last sequential day.) Read this Smithsonian Magazine article about fun dates in the future: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/last-sequential-date-century-121314-fun-math-lovers-180953413/?no-ist.

Here’s a shoutout to the family we were able to see at the wedding (many of whom are avid blog followers! 🙂 ):

Back row: Sarah, Shawna, Keri, Marion.
Front row: Olivia, Alex, Marcia, Fred, Jill, Wayne, Rodger, Melba.

Freddy's side of the family at the wedding

Freddy’s side of the family at the wedding

Alex giving a toast

Alex giving a toast

Looking pretty good for two jet lagged people...

Looking pretty good for two jet lagged people…

Although we were jet lagged, Alex and I enjoyed the wedding ceremony, celebrating with the happy couple, and seeing family (most of whom we hadn’t seen in a couple of years). The food (BBQ prepared by Mandy’s relative) and the cake (made by Mandy’s aunt) were DELICIOUS. It was our first real meal on our trip, and it really made us appreciate the food in the U.S.! After Alex and I dropped off the newlyweds at their airport hotel (for a weeklong honeymoon in Mexico!), we came home and succumbed to a food-and jet lag-induced coma. 🙂

Best meal at a wedding

Best meal at a wedding

Some other highlights from our trip (besides the many meals we had):

– Putting up the Christmas tree (I personally haven’t put up a tree for years!!)

– Enjoying dinner and a show (“Shear Madness”, starring Richard Karn from “Home Improvement”) at the New Theatre Restaurant. The show was hilarious, and audience participation (we voted for who we thought was the murderer) meant that we decided how the show ended (the play “never has the same ending twice”)!

– Having my dad join us for the tail-end of our trip. The five of us went to a Christmas program at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, which was delightful. The program included a bell choir, a normal choir, the Kansas City Symphony, and best of all, a sing-along medley of Christmas songs! It really got us all in the Christmas spirit!

– Stopping by Heritage Golf Course (to show my dad where Alex played golf as a kid) and surprising Wayne and Jill.

Kansas City Symphony

Kansas City Symphony

We had a great time in Kansas City, but as always, the time just flew by. Before we knew it, we were on our way back to Seoul.



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3 responses to “Kansas City for Freddy & Mandy’s Wedding”

  1. Marcia Montgomery says :

    We loved having you here with us for the week, and you’re correct: the time flew by much too quckly!!

  2. Fred Montgomery says :

    It was awesome seeing you two! Glad you could make it!!! I agree—-the food was amazing! How did you two like Sullivans (the steakhouse)?

    Sent from my iPhone


    • OliviaM says :

      Hey Freddy,
      It was great seeing you too! We didn’t have a chance to go to Sullivans, but we plan to the next time we’re in the States. Thanks again 🙂
      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the paramedics program!!

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