Pottery Tour to Yeoju 여주


Blue and white ceramic

Blue and white ceramic

Last Wednesday, I went on a pottery tour with the American Women’s Club (AWC), to Yeoju. Yeoju is famous for Korean ceramics (there’s an annual ceramic festival held every year in Yeoju) and is about 90 minutes outside of Seoul. The first shop we visited had lots of blue and white ceramic. No prices were listed, so we had to ask the sales associate. Many people were buying tableware in sets of 12 (!) but I just shopped for Christmas presents for friends and family. The shop wasn’t set up to handle the amount of traffic the AWC tour bus brought, so it took a long time for us to pay (cash only for purchases under 250,000 KRW, and no ATM) and for them to package our purchases.

Cutest thing(s) on the pottery tour

Cutest thing(s) on the pottery tour

Next, we stopped by a couple smaller stores (some also sold antique-looking furniture). The highlight for me was the mama cat nursing her kittens. Seriously, how cute are they?! I think the lady who owned the cat kept on telling me to take a kitten (or two)… She kept picking up different kittens and trying to give them to me. I was seriously tempted… 😀

Kimchi pots

Kimchi pots

One store sold only kimchi pots of various sizes. There was a section for pots that didn’t meet the quality standards for kimchi, but could be used for decoration (or as umbrella stands, etc.). Another store sold miniature, hand-painted kimchi pots.

More blue and white- love this pattern

More blue and white- love this pattern

My favorite store was the last one we visited: it sold plain white tableware, kind of like what you would find at restaurants. The store was just a jumble of ceramic and it was hard to find a matching set of anything! It took some patience but I found a creamer pitcher as well as some really cute espresso cups. Everything was covered by a layer of dust!

I think I’ll be back to Yeoju (to stock up on tableware) before we leave Korea! It was a fun trip!


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