Hong Kong in the Summertime

View from the Peak

View from the Peak

I’ve never been anywhere quite as humid as Hong Kong in the summertime. The sides of the mountains were covered in a thick layer of moss, and everywhere we went, the windows were foggy from condensation. Alex and I felt like the humidity just sapped all of our energy, and left us feeling sluggish and tired.

But, despite the humidity, we had a good time in Hong Kong last weekend, helping my mom pack up her old apartment, and eating a ton of good food. At first, I could feel my stress levels rising as I assessed the current state of mom’s apartment. She would be moving in a few days, and it seemed to me like nothing was packed. I had flashbacks of our awful move last year- packing, tossing, and cleaning all through the night. Luckily, the three of us made pretty good progress over the weekend.

Harbor from North Point

Harbor from North Point

We went to her new apartment, a cute, LITTLE (Hong Kong real estate prices are nuts!) studio and helped her rearrange her furniture to make it look a little bigger. We had to be clever with the amount of space! We hung all of her wall hangings, and attempted to mount the TV on the wall, but we didn’t have the right tools to drill holes through solid concrete!

Mango drinks (do you like Alex's cat shirt?)

Mango drinks (do you like Alex’s cat shirt?)

Roast goose

Roast goose

Alex and I were on a mission to eat as much food as possible (a little difficult given that the humidity also suppressed our appetites)… we wanted to make our five meals (two lunches and three dinners) count! On Saturday night, Alex met up with some of his friends, while mom and I had some really good stirfries at a restaurant near her new apartment. On Sunday, we had dim sum for lunch (after waiting in line for 15 minutes, at 2 PM!) and Indian food for dinner. We somehow crammed in five meals (lunch at three different places and dinner at two different places) on Monday! We ate the best XLBs (soup dumplings) outside of New York Chinatown, drank mango fruit drinks, and had some roast goose at a famous restaurant in Central (I like Peking duck better since because it’s smaller, it’s served whole, crispy and piping hot, whereas we had some select cuts from a whole goose). We also ate a bunch of dragon fruit, papaya, and mango (why is fruit so much more expensive in Korea?). Before we hopped on the airport train, we also had some froyo (frozen yogurt). I’m salivating just typing about all the food we ate in Hong Kong! 😀

The one thing we will really miss about mom’s old apartment is the easy access to the hiking trail up to Victoria Peak. Since 2011, we’ve enjoyed coffee and the view from Pacific Coffee at the top. Sure, the initial 30-degree incline is challenging and we always arrive at the top sweaty and out of breath, but the feeling of accomplishment, while having coffee with the best view in the world, is amazing! This trip, we hiked both Sunday and Monday mornings. On Sunday, we were drenched in a downpour on the way home, but it didn’t matter. Maybe someday, we’ll make it back for a hike to the Peak and a coffee at the top!

From Victoria's Peak

From Victoria’s Peak


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5 responses to “Hong Kong in the Summertime”

  1. myhongkonghusband says :

    people say Singapore is awful when it goes to the weather but I had much more problems with the weather in HK rather than Singapore 😀

    • OliviaM says :

      Hi! I haven’t been to Singapore yet! I would like to go, but probably not in the summer! You have a very interesting blog!! 🙂

  2. Jeanie says :

    Hope the move went well. Yes Hk is so humid!

  3. pp says :

    hope your mom is doing ok there. will try to visit her this/next yr

    p.s.: use tumblr plz… this stuff (wordpress) sucks

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