Watching a Baseball Game: One of Korea’s Favorite Pastimes

View from our seats

View from our seats

Alex's panorama shot

Alex’s panorama shot

Imagine this: Tens of thousands of fans, dressed in team’s colors, chanting along to all of the cheers. People walking around the stadium selling beer, chips, and fried squid. Fast food delivery of fried chicken and pizza. And … cheerleaders (in short skirts, but t-shirt tops that cover their chests and shoulders)! Just where were Alex and I last Saturday?

At our second Korean baseball game! We went to the Doosan Bears game at Jamsil stadium, against the KIA Tigers. Our friends Melissa and Bryan found some really nice seats (with tables so that we could eat our pizza!), very close to the field, along the first baseline. It was such a fun and crazy experience. Koreans LOVE baseball. And they aren’t afraid to show it. The entire time we were there, everyone was screaming and cheering for their team. There was a different chant for everything and it seemed like we were the only ones who didn’t know the words! I thought it was interesting that each player’s birth year was amongst the stats given when that person was up to bat!

Unfortunately, the game was postponed (and later cancelled) because of monsoon-like rain. Even though we were all wearing ponchos, we were still getting soaked. And anyway, six innings was enough for us. 🙂 We hope to go again (maybe to see the Samsung Lions again) when the weather’s better!

Before the rain started...

Before the rain started…

Looking pretty good in ponchos...

Looking pretty good in ponchos…


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