Birthday Parties & Last Minhwa Painting Class

With Jenny and Bridget

With Jenny and Bridget

Despite the crazy weather we had last Saturday (the sky suddenly became dark and it just poured for hours, complete with very bright lightening and loud thunder), Alex and I made it North of the river to celebrate our friend Bridget’s birthday. We started the night off at a very nice scotch bar, and then slowly made our way to beers. Alex and I have really developed a taste for scotch, which makes our trip to Scotland two years ago seem like a waste… even though we went to a few distilleries, we didn’t really acquire a taste until recently!

With Renee, Melissa and Lee Ann

With Renee, Melissa and Lee Ann

Sunday, I joined the mahjong ladies for a lovely dinner, to celebrate our friend Renee’s birthday. The restaurant, Second Kitchen, was in a really cool loft. The food was excellent, but someone really needed to proofread the menu- their specialty dish was “Roasted Robster”… Most Koreans can’t tell the difference between “L” and “R” but spellcheck should have found the error! 😀 We presented Renee with a sewing machine and she LOVED it!

Yesterday was my last Minhwa painting class. I was on a mission to start and finish a painting in one day (see the cat/tiger painting). I learned a lot about traditional Korean painting (the paint used, the different brushes used, and how depth is created through gradation- layering a darker shade on top of a base color and then pulling the darker color out with a wet brush) as well as Korean culture (I felt very constrained in class… we had to follow the “rules” and do things the same way as the sample paintings… there was no room for creativity). I really enjoyed my six weeks of class, and I hope to take another painting class soon!

Is it supposed to be a cat? Or a tiger?

Is it supposed to be a cat? Or a tiger?

Lotus and Cranes

Lotus and Cranes


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  1. Noodles says :

    Is Tiger?

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