Four Hours in “America”

The dress code was "sparkle" so I wore a sequined dress.

The dress code was “sparkle” so I wore a sequined dress. Photo credit: Mhyla B.

Dinner at Dragon Hill Lodge

Dinner at Dragon Hill Lodge

Alex and I were invited to attend a dinner hosted by the American Forces’ Spouses Club of Korea, on the Yongsan Army Base in Seoul. (All proceeds from the dinner, silent and live auctions went to the scholarship fund for children of military families.) We joined some friends for champagne before heading over to the army base together. After showing our passports, we crossed over onto U.S. soil. The dinner was held at the Dragon Hill Lodge, a DoD owned hotel. After signing in, we walked around the silent auction, before sitting down to a buffet dinner. We sat at a table with the ladies from my mahjong club (I teach them how to play mahjong about once a week) and their spouses.

Lovely table settings

Lovely table settings

It was good to eat American food! Roast beef with horseradish sauce! Bread and butter! Turkey with cranberry sauce! Chips and guacamole! We enjoyed dinner while watching the live auction take place. Listening to and speaking English amongst Americans really made us feel like we were back in the U.S. We also spent U.S. dollars, and the toilets could handle toilet paper! (In the majority of Korean bathrooms, there are signs saying you cannot flush toilet paper down the toilet- it goes in a wastebasket instead.)

Afterwards, we helped people carry away their silent auction winnings, before going to our friends’ place for a scotch tasting. We had a wonderful time with our friends AND it was for a good cause!

Mahjong Ladies Club

Mahjong Ladies Club

Here are a few pictures from last weekend, when we mahjong ladies finally got to meet each others’ spouses. We had a lovely evening watching the sunset before a delicious meal. Our next “spouses” outing will probably be to a baseball game, when the weather gets nicer! 🙂

Mahjong ladies with spouses

Mahjong ladies with spouses


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    I really like the picture of you and Alex. It sounds like a great evening!

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