One Month after Valentine’s Day… It’s White Day!

White Day Display

White Day Display

Candy on sale for White Day

Candy on sale for White Day

Happy White Day, the “counterpart” to Valentine’s Day in Korea! Actually, I just learned that White Day was created in the 1970’s by the confectionery industry in Japan, to encourage people to buy more candy for their loved ones. Since Valentine’s Day was a holiday where women presented gifts and candy to their men, White Day is the chance for men to return the favor. Although it’s a heavily commercialized holiday, I hear that many restaurants will be completely booked tonight! Happy White Day to all of our loved ones, all over the world!

Women's Parking Spots

Women’s Parking Spots

As a side note, there are special, pink parking spots all over Seoul. These parking spots are designated for women, ONLY. They are slightly wider than the average (tight) parking spot, since it’s believed that women are worse at parking than men. People here don’t consider it sexist, just the “truth.” I know a lot of Western women (and a few Koreans) get upset over the parking spots, saying it’s degrading to women and sexist. Well, I for one don’t care. I AM horrible at parking and I would have appreciated larger parking spots in various city parking lots in the U.S. The parking garage under our building has the tiniest parking spaces EVER. You have to squeeze out of your car door and then walk sideways between the parked cars, because the spots are THAT small. So I’m all for a larger parking spot, even if it’s just because I’m a woman…


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One response to “One Month after Valentine’s Day… It’s White Day!”

  1. subeibeisubeibei says :

    Pink parking spots are so Korean, lmao.

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