Mom Comes for a Visit

With her "grandson"

With her “grandson”

My mom had already been to Seoul twice before we moved here. Luckily, her first visit since our move coincided (or did we just plan really well?) with Alex’s business trip to the U.S. (She did get to see Alex the day before he departed for his trip.) It was wonderful to have my mom with me! Since she had already done all the touristy things, I just showed her around our neighborhood (a walk along the Han River, Olympic Park, and of course, our local grocery store). That left plenty of time to eat home cooked Chinese meals, take her to my favorite fruit and vegetable market, play with Noodles, buy a bunch of Korean beauty products (they say Korean beauty products are a decade ahead of the U.S… is that true or do Koreans just have better skin?) and watch a ton of episodes of “I Love Lucy.” (We used to watch episodes of “I Love Lucy” on Nick-at-Night when I was little.) Even though my mom said she was coming to see Noodles (she was afraid he wouldn’t recognize his “grandma”…  Although we have no idea if he did indeed recognize “grandma”), she was really coming to spend some time with me. We had a great time in Seoul despite the smog. She left a few days ago but I already miss her! Noodles and I can’t wait until his “grandma” visits again! 🙂

Mom at Olympic Park

Mom at Olympic Park

Olympic Park

Olympic Park


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