Fully Korean: K-Pop Dance Class and Hanbok Dress

K-pop dancers

K-pop dancers

Yesterday we had our second snow storm of the season. It was blustery and cold outside, with the wind blowing the precipitation sideways! The rain slowly turned into snow, but nothing stuck to the ground. It was one of those days where all I wanted to do was curl up on the sofa (with Noodles) with a cup of tea and watch a movie… OK, I lied. Watch a Korean drama about highschoolers. Yup, I’ve reverted into a teenage girl again. But, I couldn’t stay indoors because I signed up for a Korean pop (K-Pop) dance class in the afternoon. I knew I was going to make a huge fool of myself, but it sounded fun! And it was only $2! 🙂

A few of my friends and I (and two dozen other girls) braced ourselves for the cold and went to the Seoul Global Center near Myeongdong Station. We were ushered into a large room with mirrors and a stage, where our instructor greeted us in Korean. We would be dancing to “Now” by the group Troublemaker (which is a hit song right now: we heard it blasting from one of the speakers in the pedestrian shopping area outside). Our instructor went through the dance once, and then started breaking down the moves for us. Unfortunately, I’m a slow learner and not a good dancer, so I was pretty hopeless. But, there were a few girls there who looked like they had been to dance classes before, and were REALLY good. Anyway, I was just there to have fun. I couldn’t take myself seriously. Most of us couldn’t help laughing as we learned the moves, which involved a lot of crotch grabs and awkward poses that were supposed to look “sexy” (they did when the instructor did them, not when the rest of us did). After an hour and a half, we had “learned” the choreographed dance but honestly I can’t remember what half of the moves are. Nonetheless, it was a terrific workout! We were informed, sadly, that this was the last K-Pop class of the year, and that classes wouldn’t resume until March! I guess they don’t expect the turnout to be great when it’s below freezing out…

Do we look like we fit in?

Do we look like we fit in?

Hanbok selfie

Hanbok selfie

My friend Maricruz and I stayed at the Seoul Global Center afterwards to try on traditional Korean outfits, called hanbok. There was a tea table set up for people to take pictures, as well as a fake backdrop of one of the palaces in Seoul. I have finally come to terms with looking Korean (EVERY Korean I meet thinks I’m Korean), so I embraced the Korean look with the hanbok! After snapping a few pictures, we bundled up for the long trip home. We will definitely be going back for more classes in March! Can’t wait! In the meantime, I can always practice to Youtube videos at home… 🙂

"Having Tea"

“Having Tea”

Double Peace Sign

Double Peace Sign

Asian Animal Face

Asian Animal Face


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