Gyeongdong Market: Traditional Market

The produce that the grocery stores sell is very expensive and the selection is somewhat limited. So, while the weather is still nice, I like going to the traditional market near Jegi-dong station: Gyeongdong Market. It takes about 45 minutes by subway (with 2 transfers) but I enjoy exploring the market and pulling my rollable cart along, just like the old aunties (Korean ajummas) do.

Last Friday, I went with my friend and fellow Samsung housewife, Maricruz. It was her first time to the market, and she loved it! And we got to practice our Korean- asking “How much is this?” and trying to understand the response. There are stalls upon stalls selling grains, traditional medicine/ingredients, fruits and vegetables, and meat. “Meat” includes squid, fish, chicken, and for the more adventurous- turtle and dog. We could definitely tell that one particular vendor was selling dog meat because we saw dog paws. It made me a little nauseous, but Maricruz said she would be open to trying dog meat some day. Apparently the locals really love it…

I purchased a bunch of peppers, tomatoes (really hard to find in grocery stores), cucumbers, apples and bananas, for about the same price as the apples & bananas would have cost at the grocery store! I normally also buy figs, eggplant, chives, persimmons, and watermelon. (The watermelon is a huge pain to bring back on the subway. In Korea, some subway stops have partial escalator service, meaning that there are still tons and tons of stairs. Totally not handicap friendly.)

I plan to go to this market until the cold weather makes it too prohibitive to go… which may be in a month or so! Actually, I’m not sure the market will still be open in the winter, but who knows?

Anyway, I feel like a true native when I go to the traditional market. I definitely look the part, so might as well embrace it. 🙂

Twigs and tree bark for traditional medicine

Twigs and tree bark for traditional medicine

Turtles for... stew?

Turtles for… stew?

Multicolored corn

Multicolored corn

Beautiful fruits

Beautiful fruits

Tanks of eel

Tanks of eel



One response to “Gyeongdong Market: Traditional Market”

  1. Merbao says :

    the price on the fruits seems reasonable, i wonder if their seafood is cheaper?
    love you

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